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President Visits L.A.!

January 28, 2010 |  8:00 am

Jan. 28, 1960, Dick Tracy
“It’s a Letter From Washington.”

Jan. 28, 1960, Cover

Jan. 28, 1960: ALGIERS (UPI) “Police and troops opened fire today on hundreds of Moslems who surged into the streets of the western Algerian city of Mostaganem shouting 'long live De Gaulle.'

“The shooting was reported as insurgent European 'colons' -- unmolested by the French army or police -- exuded growing confidence in their defiant stand behind the Algiers barricades.

“French army headquarters in Oran issued a communique confirming that shots had been fired during the demonstration and listing 20 injured. It said none of the injuries came from gunfire. It said the demonstration started because local Moslems were afraid they would lose their jobs, with the market place closing down.

“It was the first time the Moslem population had entered the picture in force in Algeria since European settlers rose in bloody revolt in Algiers Sunday against De Gaulle's policy of self-determination for the Algerians.”

Jan. 28, 1960, Eisenhower

President Eisenhower arrives for a fundraising dinner at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium that was carried on closed-circuit TV at fundraisers across the country.

Jan. 28, 1960, Eisenhower 

Jan. 28, 1960, Nixon 
Vice President Richard Nixon opens his presidential campaign – but the Page 1 portion of the story wasn’t microfilmed, so all we have is the runover. Citing education as one of his priorities, Nixon says "the American system is the best in the world, 'but inadequate classrooms, underpaid teachers and flabby standards are weaknesses we must constantly strive to eliminate.’ "

Jan. 28, 1960, Holmes Alexander

Here’s something you don’t see terribly often: A column that has good things to say about John F. Kennedy and Sen. Joe McCarthy.

Jan. 28, 1960, Horoscope

Jan. 28, 1960: The interesting child born today is the type who feels that the best way of attaining anything is to make a big noise and fuss, plus using physical force, if necessary.

Jan. 28, 1960, Sports

Pete Rozelle’s secret desire: to be The Times’ sports editor.

Jan. 28, 1960: All quiet in the Finch case. Stay tuned, it’s a long, long trial.