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Police Raid Cult Headquarters

January 4, 2010 |  4:00 am

Jan. 4, 1910, Gasoline Alley 
“When Doc Rides and When He Walks.”

Jan. 4, 1920, Mazdaznan
Jan. 4, 1920, Mazdaznan

March 14, 1927, Peter the Hermit
March 14, 1927, Peter the Hermit  learns some dance steps.
Jan. 4, 1920: During a police raid on the Mazdaznan temple, "an old, queer looking man, attired in blonde whiskers, long frock coat and white tennis shoes shuffled into the place and attempted to eject them. He gave his name as 'Peter,' admitted he was a soapbox orator from Los Angeles Street and stated that he had 'blown into the temple' to receive a lesson on 'Truth.' He was held as a witness while the search was being conducted and later released,” The Times says. 

This sounds like Peter the Hermit, shown at right  in a Sept. 30, 1923, photo, who was one of the more colorful street characters of  Los Angeles from the 1920s to the 1960s. His real name was Peter Howard, though it is sometimes listed as Herman Mangold. He died in 1969 at the age of 90. 
Sept. 30, 1923, Peter the Hermit

March 15, 1969, Peter the Hermit
March 15, 1969: Peter the Hermit dies.