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Jurors Visit Murder House

January 6, 2010 |  8:00 am

Jan. 6, 1960, Finch Trial

Jan. 6, 1960, Cover

Jan. 6, 1960: “Mexico acknowledged the serious problem of illegal narcotics crossing the border and in a major concession accepted a U.S. proposal to exchange narcotics enforcement agents as the two-day conference between representatives of both governments adjourned today.”

Jan. 6, 1960, Border Drug Crackdown

Jan. 6, 1960, Finch Trial

Jan. 6, 1960, Finch Trial

“Tears flowed freely from the pretty brown eyes of Carole Tregoff yesterday as she returned to the scene of the death which has brought her to trial for murder.

"In marked contrast, the red-haired ex-model's lover, Dr. R. Bernard Finch, seemed almost bored by the official court visit to the $65,000 West Covina home where his wife, Mrs. Barbara Jean Finch, was slain last July 18.”

Jan. 6, 1960, Finch Trial

Jan. 6, 1960, Finch Trial

Jan. 6, 1960, Finch Trial

Jan. 6, 1960, Mayor's Radio Address 

Weekly radio talks by the mayor of Los Angeles were once a tradition dating to at least the Fletcher Bowron administration. In this radio address, Mayor Norris Poulson notes the upcoming Democratic National Convention and demurs on answering the question of whether he will run for another term in 1961. Poulson sought another term but lost to Sam Yorty on May 31, 1961, by 16,628 votes in a bitterly contested race. Research note: Transcripts of Bowron’s radio addresses are at the city archives and are a great time capsule of Los Angeles.


This cartoon turned out to be more prescient than anyone imagined in the day when Westerns were a staple of TV programming. 

 Jan. 6, 1960, Sports

The number of home runs hit in the Coliseum declined from 1958 (193) to 1959 (172), even though the right field fence was lowered, Frank Finch writes.The 193 homers hit in 1958 were a major league record, but in 1959, more home runs were hit in Detroit (202) and Cincinnati (185), Finch says.
Jan. 6, 1960: I haven’t done much with the R. Bernard Finch case (so many stories, only one Larry Harnisch), but the trial is finally underway and the jurors visit the home in West Covina where the killing occurred. I’ll try to run more of the trial as it unfolds.