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Indian Leader Prefers Tribal Dances Over ‘Immoral Dances’ of Whites

January 26, 2010 |  4:00 am

Jan. 26, 1920, Briggs
“That Guiltiest Feeling,” by Clare Briggs.

Jan. 26, 1920, Indian School

Jan. 26, 1920: "I would rather take part in the tribal dances of my people than the immoral dances of the white people today," Red Fox says.

Jan. 26, 1920, Pueblo Indians
Jan. 26, 1920: A time capsule of views about Native Americans 90 years ago. Frederic J. Haskin writes of Pueblo Indians of the Southwest: "When it comes to resisting change the stand-pat Republicans might take lessons from them.” However, Commissioner of Indian Affairs Cato Sells "believes in encouraging the boys and girls to go to the towns and get jobs, so that they may become like other Americans."

I passed this story along to my friend Gwen Sharp of Sociological Images. Here's her take>>>.