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Food Poisoning Kills 9

January 5, 2010 |  2:00 am

Jan. 5, 1910, Auto

Jan. 5, 1910: A manly man car, built for a Russian prince.

Jan. 5, 1910, Baker Electric

A clean, dainty electric for the ladies. “Any girl could learn to operate the Baker after 30 minutes’ instruction…. Moves like a drifting cloud.”

Jan. 5, 1910, Cover
Jan. 5, 1910: It was impossible to choose one story today.

First, there’s the deaths of nine people who were killed by ptomaine poisoning in some preserved pears at the Valdez home in Sawtelle … And the massive undertaking to build grandstands for Aviation Week at Dominguez Junction. Work continues around the clock with 400 men on the day shift and 100 men on the night shift, The Times says.  The grandstands are 750 feet long, 250 feet wide and rise to a height of 40 feet and require 15 carloads of nails, The Times says … And finally, mining man George Mitchell buys a Panhard armored automobile built for Prince Orloff, who rejected the car out of concerns that it might not be sturdy enough to withstand an attack.  The price is $17,000 [$388,112.31 USD 2008].