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African Americans Hanged for Assaulting Woman

January 6, 2010 |  2:00 am

Jan. 5, 1910, Execution 

Jan. 6, 1910, Execution

Feb. 9, 1910, Execution

Jan. 6, 1910: George Reynolds and John Williams of Kansas City are sentenced to hang for assaulting Mrs. W.F. [or W.H.] Jackson, a violinist who was attacked on her way home from performing at a concert. Judge Ralph H. Latshaw refused to order the men’s execution on a Friday, the traditional day for hanging, explaining: "They don't even deserve to be classed with the murderer who must pay the penalty for his crime with his life. It would be an insult to these men, who had at least a spark of manhood in their hardened souls, to have such brutes as these put in their class. I don't care to desecrate the day by ordering these two brutes hanged on the legal hanging day.” Reynolds and Williams, who were African American, were the first in Missouri to be executed for what was evidently a sexual assault.