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San Marino Pelted With Furs From Mystery Airplane

December 23, 2009 |  8:00 am
Dec. 23, 1959, Cover

Dec. 23, 1959: "Thousands of dollars worth of fur pelts were mysteriously jettisoned from a low-flying airplane over San Marino and San Gabriel yesterday. One large gunny sack of the valuable pelts crashes through a patio roof at 1070 Kendall Drive, San Gabriel, missing the owner, Mrs. L.B. Young by a few inches. The lanai was almost demolished."

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Dec. 23, 1959, Gilda Gray
Dec. 23, 1959, Gilda Gray

Look at the length of this obit on Gilda Gray, compared to the six paragraphs given to Raymond Chandler.

Dec. 23, 1959, Films

The National Board of Review calls “The Nun’s Story” the best film of 1959. The other films in board's top 10 are "Ben-Hur," "Anatomy of a Murder," "The Diary of Anne Frank," "Middle of the Night," "The Man Who Understood Women," "Some Like It Hot," "Suddenly, Last Summer," "On the Beach" and "North by Northwest."

Dec. 23, 1959, Sports

Pete Elliott leaves Cal to become football coach at Illinois, where he will be the rival of his brother Chalmers "Bump" Elliott of Michigan.