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Christmas Snapshots

December 6, 2009 |  8:00 am
Dec. 6, 1959, Christmas 

Dec. 6, 1959: Let’s look through The Times’ Christmas ads and see what we can find … 

Dec. 6, 1959, Schwinn

... This Schwinn Speedster costs $386.92, USD 2008 …

Dec. 6, 1959, Science Toys

How many girls do you think got Erector Sets for Christmas in 1959? But look closely at this article. There’s a mention of the “Annie Oakley” TV show, starring Gail Davis, one of the few adventure/Western programs of that era with a woman lead character.

Dec. 6, 1959, Doll

... In 1959, girls get dolls!

Dec. 6, 1959, Dishwasher

... For busy housewives, a dishwasher!

Dec. 6, 1959, Lighter

... Hey it’s those cigarette lighters with little things floating in the lighter fluid. I never knew anyone who had one of these. I never saw anything but Zippos … 

... Like these ...

Dec. 6, 1959, For Men Only

... And men use Christmas shopping as an excuse for a night out with the boys...

Dec. 6, 1959, Shaver

“Well, hon, if you’re tired of cutting yourself shaving, why don’t you try an electric?”

”Because they’re lousy, that’s why.”

Dec. 6, 1959, Hifi Equipment

... Notice there’s no price on the Sherwood S5000. I guess people were supposed to worry about that later. Hint: Do NOT, under any circumstances, buy the Wollensaks. Leave them for the school A/V departments.

Dec. 6, 1959, Fragrances
Fragrances for the ladies, like White Shoulders …

Dec. 6, 1959, Fragrances

Rallet No. 1, Intimate, White Magnolia. I don’t recognize any of these fragrances.

Dec. 6, 1959, Film 

How to shoot home movies for the holidays: Put the camera on the floor for that arty effect.