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Bank Robbers Captured

December 6, 2009 |  4:00 am

Dec. 6, 1919, Bank Robbers

The Times publishes a map by Charles Owens, who later contributed to “Nuestro Pueblo.” This is about the earliest work of his I’ve seen in the paper. 

Dec. 6, 1919, Bank Robbers

The bank robbery story carries the byline of Otis M. Wiles, which is a new name to me. Judging by the clips, he worked for The Times from the late teens to about 1925. Evidently he went to the Examiner at some point.

May 24, 1948, Otis Wiles

May 24, 1948: Otis M. Wiles dies in a head-on crash in a crash that injured Examiner photographer Felix Paegel and six other people.

Dec. 6, 1919, Bank Robbers

Dec. 6, 1919: "Outwitted by the wrath of the elements and the cunning of four Indian woodsmen in their desperate attempt to escape the clutches of the law, Arthur and Herbert Brown, brothers and professional bank bandits, smiled upon their fate last night in the County Jail as they voluntarily confessed to their part in the looting of the Union Square Branch of the Hellman Commercial and Savings Bank last Monday afternoon."