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Mexico, U.S. Blame Each Other After Border Crackdown Fails

November 10, 2009 |  4:00 am

Nov. 10, 1919, Tally's Kinema 

Lerdo’s Typical Grand Mexican Orchestra and “Eyes of Youth” at Tally’s Kinema at Grand and 7th and “Her Game” at Tally’s Broadway, 833 S. Broadway.

Nov. 10, 1919, Mexico
Nov. 10, 1919: A plan by American and Mexican authorities to deport 100 to 200 “undesirables” to the U.S. was repeatedly postponed because the "hopheads, thieves, gamblers and those who live from the earnings of others" could not be found. Finally, the Mexican police turned over 13 men who worked at the Owl, a gambling house closed by government edict. The men were freed through the efforts of “Booze” Byers, one of the Owl’s proprietors, and allowed to return to Mexico ... And although Wagner's operas provoke riots by World War I veterans in New York, patrons of a Parisian theater vote in favor of performing the German composer's music.