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L.A. Disc Jockeys Turn Down Payola

November 24, 2009 |  8:00 am
Nov. 24, 1959, Payola

Nov. 24, 1959: KMPC’s Dick Whittinghill turned down $25, but says “I can’t sit in front of the chimney on Christmas Eve with a shotgun.”

Nov. 24, 1959, Payola

Bachelor Johnny Grant says he was offered “favorable attention from a young woman.”

Nov. 24, 1959, Born to Lose

Robert Lee Ramsey – Born to Lose.

Nov. 24, 1959, Rescue

Two officers from the Van Nuys Division save the life of traffic accident victim Phyllis  Burrows.

Nov. 24, 1959, Angry Red Planet

“Angry Red Planet”  “Jarringly amateurish!” “Cheap, clearly unreal backdrops!” “Unbelievably stilted.” “Many in the audience finished the final 10 minutes of gripping drama in near-hysterics!” IMDB gives it nearly 5 stars!

Nov. 24, 1959, Sports

Don Meredith of SMU is drafted by Dallas, Billy Cannon of Louisiana State is drafted by Houston.   and Bob Jeter of Iowa is drafted by the Chargers. Jeter turned down the Chargers to play Canadian football for two seasons, then joined the Packers.