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When 'Bull' Durham Became 'Steer' Durham

September 8, 2009 |  4:00 am


Sept. 8, 1919, Bull Durham

Sept. 8, 1919: "Bull" Durham with calf-maker intact and a white spot in the shape of the United States. That's one patriotic head of livestock!

March 23, 1924, Bull Durham

March 23, 1924: Bull Durham -- redesigned. The U.S. map is gone and the calf-maker has been turned into mountain oysters. 

And then there was the dark day when "Bull" Durham became "Steer" Durham because some ad director was worried about offending delicate sensibilities. I suppose this says something about America gradually losing touch with its rural roots as the 20th century unfolded, but frankly I just find this damn funny.