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George 'Evil Genius' Hodel Rides Again

September 21, 2009 | 10:12 pm

Hodel Book  Someone, I'm not sure who, left a copy of Steve Hodel's new book, "Most Evil," on my desk. Does Steve Hodel, author of "Black Dahlia Avenger," say his father was Zodiac? In a word, yes.

From the introduction: "I know now that my father was also responsible for a series of infamous murders in Chicago (where he was known for a time as the Lipstick Killer), Manila (where the local press dubbed him the Jigsaw Murderer) and the Bay Area of California (where he called himself Zodiac).

It's a bizarre, terrifying and surreal story that will alter criminal history, exonerate the innocent, and change the way we think about the motives and signatures of serial killers. Hang on."

Note: I already found one major error. The book evidently relies heavily on handwriting analysis. Several of what "Most Evil" claims are samples of George Hodel's handwriting are actually the handwriting of Elizabeth Short. (Unless you think a grown man dots his "I's" with little circles).

What else is in "Most Evil?" Stay tuned.