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Ike, Khrushchev Deadlock on Berlin; Cubs Beat Dodgers

September 27, 2009 |  8:00 am

Sept. 27, 1959 Cover

Sept. 27, 1959: Not so fast.

The Cubs routed the Dodgers, 12-2, and the Braves edged the Phillies, 3-2, creating another tie atop the National League standings.

The Dodgers could have clinched at least a tie for the N.L. title with a victory.

The Giants were still in it, since they beat the Cardinals in the first game of a doubleheader and were rained out in the second. But they needed to sweep the next day's doubleheader and hope the Dodgers and Braves didn't win.

--Keith Thursby

Sept. 27, 1959, Beats

Bob Frampton writes of the Beats: "A
tumble of words about a train in the night.
In the dingy, badly lighted coffee house
with 30 or so young people listening ...

Sept. 27, 1959, Beats

... "We've got the beginnings for an American art renaissance here and being let alone to work without a lot of unnecessary rules somebody else made is a big part of it."

Sept. 27, 1959, Sports

The Rams lost their season opener at the Coliseum, 23-21 to the New York Giants, who were led by a couple of future broadcasters.

Pat Summerall kicked three field goals, including one with 1:58 remaining, to lead the Giants. Frank Gifford scored a touchdown for New York.

More than 71,000 people were at the Coliseum. Tell me again why L.A. can't support a pro football team? The town sure did a good job once upon a time.

--Keith Thursby