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Hollywood Star Couple Gets Divorce, April 12, 1939

April 12, 2009 |  6:00 am


Los Angeles Times Cover, April 12, 1939
Joan Crawford appears in court to get an interlocutory decree in her divorce from actor Franchot Tone. Judge Benjamin J. Scheinman had refused to proceed in the divorce until Crawford appeared in court.

Romania appears likely to capitulate to the Nazis unless it receives a guarantee of support from Britain ... President Roosevelt, bidding farewell to people in Warm Springs, Ga., en route to Washington, says: "I'll be back in the fall if we don't have a war."

And a D.A.R. official says the organization was merely following the law in barring singer Marian Anderson from a performance at Continental Hall.

Arabs, Jews Discuss Palestine Peace Plan
Hitler Escapes Czech Death Plot, April 12, 1939

At left, the Egyptian ambassador to London arrives in Cairo with proposed changes in the British plan for Palestine. The present plan calls for an Arab-dominated state with a Jewish minority.

Comics, April 12, 1939
The draftsmanship in the 1939 comics is quite remarkable. Today, we're accustomed to having characters reduced to simplified figures in contrast to the finely detailed work in the old panels. The shading in Al Capp's "Li'l Abner," for example, shows the amount of care artists used to pour into their comics. Even "Gasoline Alley," which was not particularly known for its artwork, makes interesting use of silhouettes.

Theater and Movies, April 12, 1939

Carole Lombard appears in a revival of "The Eagle and the Hawk," with Fredric March and Cary Grant.
Sports, April 12, 1939

Boxing officials discuss rules for the upcoming Joe Louis-Jack Roper match. Most questions are answered: "That's strictly up to the referee."