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Charlton Heston on the 'Ten Commandments,' October 28, 1956

April 11, 2009 |  7:48 pm

Charlton Heston on the Ten Commandments, Oct. 28, 1956

We had our religion writer Dan Thrapp interview Charlton Heston about his role as Moses in "The Ten Commandments." Fortunately, Thrapp was not from the "over a salad and mineral water at the Polo Lounge" or "speaking by phone from Paris, where he is at work on his next picture" schools of celebrity interviewers, but he got something of substance.

Quote of the Day: It is interesting to note that once Moses climbs Mt. Sinai and talks to God there is never contentment for him again. That is the way it is with us. Once we talk to God, once we get his commission to us for our lives we cannot be again content. We are happier. We are busier. But we are not content because then we have a mission -- a commission, rather."

-- Charlton Heston

This is adapted from an earlier post on Heston's death >>>