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Matt Weinstock -- February 5, 1959

February 5, 2009 |  4:00 pm

Sleeping Dogs Roused

Matt_weinstockd A man came into the Earl V. Lewis camera shop several weeks ago and asked if a batch of old, unedited home movies could be spliced. He'd inherited them, he explained, from the estate of a relative who one had lived in the old country.

The job was done and the other day, when he came into the store again, he was asked if it had been satisfactory.

The customer shook his head sadly and told what had happened.

"He'd invited some friends to view the historic shots and as one sequence followed another he did a running commentary, pointing out relatives. At one point he thought he recognized some footage of himself as a small boy taken in the early 1930s.

Suddenly, to his horror, shots of the same people came into view- entertaining German storm troopers in their home and giving theHeil Hitler salute.

* *

1959_0205_valens01 ONLY IN L.A. -- Driving in the curb lane on W 1st Street to make a right turn at a corner, Atty. Al Matthews found his path blocked by a city truck. A man on a raised platform was changing the bulb in a street light. As the signal changed to green Al shouted, "Are you leaving?" The driver cupped his car and Al shouted again. "Are you leaving?" The driver shrugged and yelled back, "Leaving? No, I am existing."

* *

Ever so much more infantile
Than the tiny baby's smile
Is the gibberish employed by man
To entice the baby to smile again.

* *

THE RECENT CBS documentary "The Changing Face of Hollywood" had, among others, the voice of Sam Arkoff, producer of "I was a Teen-Age Werewolf."

1959_0209_boxoffice_cropAsked by Joe Laitin in a recorded interview if there are any taboos in the making of horror movies. Arkoff replied jocularly that his monsters didn't drink or smoke, and even if they occasionally carried off a screaming blond their intentions were honorable.

On hearing the complete broadcast Arkoff said he didn't realize it was going to be such a serious discussion. He told Laitin, "I think I'll demand equal time to reply to myself."

* *

IN OBSERVANCE of his 12th year in public relations and advertising, Jim Bishop got out a press release acknowledging his debt to the night janitor and the switchboard operator.

The janitor's initiative in cleaning not only the wastebaskets but the desks of correspondence, files and unanswered phone messages, he stated, enabled the staff to begin each day with a fresh, uncluttered approach.

1959_0205_valens02 The phone girl, he announced, had been appointed executive co-ordinator of client and media relations, so she may be able to concentrate on reading Abby Van Buren's column and thereby give outstanding service to clients' problems -- if they can ever get through.

As part of an expansion program, he added, a new set of plastic coffee mugs have been obtained by Green Stamps, and the rest of the room has been tastefully redone in Annual Report Red.

* *

AROUND TOWN -- A teacher at a junior high in San Fernando Valley greeted a new class Monday with, "Everything you've heard about me is true!" . . . A committee of East L.A. residents is urging Gov. Brown to appoint Alberto Diaz, editor of the Belvedere Citizen, to the State Athletic Commission. Someone asked Al what his qualifications were and he replied, "I boxed in the Army. I won two and lost one, by a knockout. I know how it feels not to be able to get up off the floor" . . . Oops, the 1959 plastic wallet calendars issued to members by the Water and Power employees credit union have no Dec. 30 -- they jump from the 29th to the 31st. Maybe it would be better that way. In fact there's a school of thought that holds the entire last week of December might well be eliminated.