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Matt Weinstock -- January 15, 1959

January 15, 2009 |  4:00 pm

Frontier Pusher-Back

Matt_weinstockd To newsman John Cornell goes a silent roll of drums, a bugle call and maybe a flag-raising for alertness above and beyond the call of routine.

John was banging out a rewrite about Les White, Southland auto dealer, being elected potentate of Al Malaikah Temple for 1959.

He came to the part in a press release stating White would be host next August "when several thousand Shriners from temples in 11 Western States, Alaska, Mexico and Hawaii will gather in Los Angeles."

WITHOUT FLINCHING, hesitating, hedging or checking, John bravely wrote it "12 Western States, Mexico and Hawaii," thereby making geographical and place-name history.

1959_0115_chavez_ravine Clearly John is a man who reads other things besides Paul Coates, Hal Humphrey and the comics.

Asked about his monumental achievement Cornell modestly disclaimed credit. "Any red-blooded rewrite man would have done the same," he said.

What are his plans for the future? He hopes someday he may write "13 Western States"- when Hawaii makes the varsity.

* *

PERHAPS YOU too, along with A. M. Tetove of Northridge, noticed an odd thing about the date card sent out by the Department of Motor Vehicles with the 1959 license renewals.

The example given to instruct filler-outers presents the case of a person who lives in Sylmar and used the car last Tuesday to and from work in an office in Van Nuys.

However, he seems to contradict himself farther along, stating that on this Tuesday he also used the car to go to Tujunga and Magnolia in North Hollywood- purpose, "Recreation."

Wait'll his boss hears about that!

* *

1959_0115_wallaceNO BEANS EITHER
The grocers closed in unison
They're acting mighty clanny,
As for me I search and search-
I find it most uncanny.

* *

THIS SCHEDULE change came whizzing across news editor Barney Miller's desk at KNX yesterday: "Monday, Jan. 10 only, 9:05-10 P.M., THE BUSINESS OF SEX will pre-empt FROST WARNINGS."

* *

LIFE CAN BE grim in hospitals, but occasionally the day is brightened by the repartee between nurses and patients.

1959_0115_candy_barrA nurse named Ethel, known as Ethel-cal, brought an 86-year-old man an eggnog with liquor, as ordered by the doctor. He said, "It's delicious. Taste it, Ethel." She said, "I can't. I'm in uniform." Pop retorted, "Well, take off the uniform." Had everyone in stitches.

* *

MY MY, we're racy today. A Palos Verdes couple got their daughter Kay a kitten which was named Sam. However, after a checkup by a vet, it is now known as Sam Spade.

* *

ONLY IN L.A. -- A sporty gent in a downtown saloon asked a slightly tipsy dame if she'd like a drink. She said, "I'll have a little wine, thank you."

"Wine?" he exclaimed, "what are you, a wino?"


"I beg your pardon!" She replied haughtily, "Winos drink muscatel and port! I drink sherry!"

* *

MISCELLANY -- His students will get a chance to heckle Jerry Blunt, head of the City College drama department today when he plays the lead in "Caesar and Cleopatra." Incidentally, the campus auditorium, where it will be held, will be demolished soon to make way for new buildings. It formerly was UCLA's Millspaugh Hall and the locale of many college movies.