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Man Kills Dentist Over Picture, 1936

January 28, 2009 |  8:00 am


A reader asked if I would do more stories from 1939. Here's what I found. I guess you can never have too many stories about cantankerous old coots with shotguns.

Update: Several people have asked what became of Sylvester Warner. The Times didn't follow up on the story, but he was executed Feb. 10, 1939.


Peter Voiss charged 50 cents ($7.41 USD 2007) for a picture.


Never mind that he killed a man. How are the burros?


So ends the story of Peter Voiss. Of course, with Google, we can track down information on the Internet of unknown reliability.

He was supposedly born in Germany, where his father ran an inn and brewery. Are relatives on the trail of our reclusive prospector? Could be. 

The fate of Voiss' beloved burros is unrecorded.