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Baby Burned to Death on Stove, Dodgers Scout Players, January 25, 1959

January 25, 2009 |  6:00 am

Whenever someone tells you the past was a "kinder, simpler time," show them this article. I'm unable to find any further stories on this tragic incident.
My boyfriend embarrasses me because he won't race his car....
An advice column by ... Dick Clark? Yes it's true.

What does he tell the girl who can't get a dance partner because she wears glasses? Let that "inner beauty we're talking about shine through extra bright." And "keep your clothes and hairdo neat and be sure you dance better than any of your girlfriends."

I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 28. Do you think he is too old for me?


Frank Sinatra, workaholic.

Sinatra dislikes title "Ocean's Eleven" and wants to call the film ....

1959_0126_sports What was big money for bonus babies in 1959?

"We spent $850,000 for players last year but we think we got our money's worth," Midwest scouting supervisor Bert Wells told a meeting of Dodger scouts. Frank Howard received $108,000 to sign with the Dodgers and Ron Fairly got $120,000, according to Wells.

General manager Buzzie Bavasi tried to correct the record a couple days later, telling The Times' Frank Finch that "Howard got closer to $120,000 than Fairly did."

Either way, sounds like they were bargains.

--Keith Thursby