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Comedian dies during Friars roast, November 24, 1958

November 24, 2008 |  5:00 am


Ozone in downtown Los Angeles reaches 0.49 parts per million, just short of a Stage 1 alert. Today, 0.50 would be a Stage 3 alert.

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller arrive in New York.
Comedian Harry Einstein, 53, known as Parkyakarkus, collapses moments after finishing what Friars Club members said was "the most hilarious speech of his career" during a tribute to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  (Note: The runover page wasn't microfilmed, so we don't have the rest of the story).

On his way back to his seat, Einstein touched Art Linkletter on the shoulder, stumbled and grabbed the back of his chair, then fell into the arms of Milton Berle. "It was like a wave of horror had suddenly swept over the room," a witness says.

My colleague Brian Hanrahan points out that Einstein's sons are Albert Brooks, Bob Einstein and Charles Einstein.

"This offering meant so much to me. Now it means nothing. Please, everyone, pray to your God that he will be saved."
--Desi Arnaz


Above, John Wayne says he will  direct "The Alamo."

Interestingly enough, The Times reported as early as 1951 that Republic had approved the budget for Wayne to make "The Alamo." Although imdb reports that the script was by John Edward Grant, The Times said in 1948 that the screenplay was by John Ford's son Pat. But what's this? John Wayne was linked to a project about the Alamo in 1935? Hm. By Lindsley Parsons and Robert Emmett. That's a new one on me.