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Barbara Graham case revisited, November 28, 1958

November 28, 2008 |  5:18 am

Los Angeles Times file photo

Murder victim Mabel Monahan.

"As you went in the front door, what was the first thing that attracted your attention?"

"Mrs. Graham was striking Mrs. Monahan in the face with a gun. She was standing up and Mrs. Graham had her by the shoulder or hair with her left hand and was striking her with the gun in her right hand."

"Was she bleeding?"

"Yes, her face and head."

"How many times did you see her strike Mrs. Monahan?"

"Two or three times."

"What did you do?"

"I told Mrs. Graham not to hit her any more. I put my hand between the gun and Mrs. Monahan's face. She fainted or collapsed. I had her head in my lap and went down with her. Mrs. Graham pulled a pillowcase over her head."