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Serial killer Harvey Glatman captured, October 31, 1958

October 31, 2008 |  6:25 am

Harvey Murray Glatman is arrested and freely admits killing three women.  He was executed in the gas chamber Sept. 18, 1959. It took him eight minutes to die.
Los Angeles Times file photo

Judith Ann (Vanhorn) Dull,
Glatman's first victim.
Lorraine Vigil, on her first job as a model, thought it was odd that a supposed photographer calling himself Frank Johnson didn't head for Hollywood.

Once on the Santa Ana Freeway, "he began driving at a tremendous speed. He wouldn't answer my questions or even look at me," Lorraine said. He pulled over and drew a gun, but she fought with him and grabbed the muzzle. They rolled out of the car and onto the shoulder of the highway. She bit him on the wrist and got the gun.

"If I had known how to fire it, I believe I could have killed him," she said.   

Glatman's victims: Judith Dull, Shirley Ann Bridgeford and Ruth Mercado.

Note: I wish people wouldn't post Glatman's gruesome photos of his victims on the Internet. These thoughtless crime buffs have no idea how much pain they are causing to the victims' families.
"I don't give a darn if I go to the gas chamber."
"It was my first and only job. I think I applied for it because I was lonely."