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Times opposes recall of Los Angeles mayor, September 11, 1938

September 11, 2008 |  5:15 am


Los Angeles Times supports Mayor Shaw

In a Page 1 editorial and an accompanying news story, The Times says the recall movement consists of 'totally inexperienced reformers, political self-seekers, radicals and racketeers,' adding: 'It is unnecessary to burn the barn down to get rid of a few rats.'




I knew this day was coming and it is still a shock. Apparently, as far as The Times editorial was concerned, there was nothing wrong with having police officials try to kill people with bombs or the mayor's brother selling civic jobs out of City Hall. 

Thinking_big_cover I haven't had an opportunity to check the microfilm of other papers, but "Thinking Big," by Robert Gottlieb and Irene Wolt, which takes a critical look at The Times, says it was the only one to oppose the recall. Based on reading The Times, I would quibble with Gottlieb and Wolt's statement that: "Its support of Shaw was weak and attacks on Bowron were kept to a minimum." The Times lavished praise on Shaw's experience and the general efficiency of city government. As far as I can tell, The Times' silence on Bowron was the paper's way of ignoring the issue.

On the runover, The Times also endorses Proposition 1, which would limit picketing to one person at each entrance to a business, with a minimum of two at least 25 feet apart. 

In sports, Eddie Mayo hits a home run as the Angels beat the Sacramento Solons 11-6 at Wrigley Field. The Cincinnati Reds beat the Cubs 9-1 to tie for second place in the National League ... USC and UCLA are scrimmaging in advance of season openers ...

In writing about USC, Braven Dyer says: "I can almost hear you saying--'There he goes again'--The guy's balmy as ever. He must smoke marihuana every time he gets inside the gates at Bovard Field because everybody knows we Coliseum fans never see any of those plays he says are unveiled in practice.' "