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Los Angeles mayor removed in recall, child killer executed, September 17, 1938

September 17, 2008 |  5:20 am

Bowron defeats Shaw

Superior Court judge, elected with 65% of the vote, will take office Sept. 26. He says: 'This election, in no sense, is a personal triumph. This is not my fight. I have merely been part of a movement -- a most significant movement for clean government.' 


Above, The Times' lead editorial laments the recall of Mayor Frank Shaw and emphasizes the inexperience of Fletcher Bowron, noting with alarm his support from subversives and radicals.

Chamberlain bows to Hitler

Another historic day: Bowron is elected, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain concedes to Adolf Hitler on Czechoslovakia and California executes Albert Dyer in the murders of the "Three Babes of Inglewood." Note that Dyer was hanged, the method of execution used in California before the gas chamber.

In sports, the Los Angeles Angels take the pennant in the Pacific Coast League, beating the Oakland Acorns at Wrigley Field.

Plans are underway for the 1938 World Series to begin Oct. 5. It will be the last series for Yankee Lou Gehrig, the "Iron Horse." 

Albert Dyer is executed


1938 World Series planned