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British diplomat meets with German leader, Detroit wins against Cleveland, September 10, 1938

September 10, 2008 |  6:06 am

British envoy meets Hitler in bid to avoid war


Above, Britain's Sir Nevile Henderson with Adolf Hitler. Britain tells Germany that it "will not stand aside if Czechoslovakia is attacked."


Opponents denounce Bowron


Greenberg hits No. 47

At left, it's certainly not hard to tell where The Times stands on the recall election of Mayor Frank Shaw.

In addition to the previous editorials dismissing efforts to remove Shaw, The Times gives extensive, one-sided coverage to the critics of Judge Fletcher Bowron, who is challenging Shaw as a reform candidate.

 The recall is all over the radio, though The Times has been ignoring it until this week.

At left, Hank Greenberg hits his 47th home run. Note the photo of Loyola's football players, especially Walt McCowen, who is one of two African Americans on the team, along with George Sims. Loyola encountered some rough games because of its black players and the contract of at least one opposing team from Louisiana  insisted that only white players take the field for their games.