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Lila Leeds: Movie star mystery photo

August 5, 2008 |  8:11 am

Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

To be fair, this week's mystery movie star is more of a starlet. But you knew that, right? Can you identify her and, better yet, where the mystery photo was taken?

Gosh, people really know their pictures of Lila Leeds! Steven Bibb guessed almost immediately that this is Leeds at her home after the raid in which Robert Mitchum was arrested, showing that it's not a marijuana shack. Also guessing correctly were Alexa Foreman, Richard Heft, Mary McCoy, Alan K. Rode and Charlie O'Brien. Congrats!

2008_0730_mystery_pix About last week's mystery guest. Nobody guessed who he was, so he will return for another 15 minutes of fame later this year. There were some great guesses but, alas, none of them was right.

Los Angeles Times file photo

It was interesting to go through Lila Leeds' photos. This is the earliest one, from December 1948, when she was fined $5 for stopping traffic.

Photograph by Bob Martin / The Mirror

And this is Lila Leeds in 1961, 13 years later, showing newspaper clippings about her relationsip with Erwin "Bud" Arvey, the son of Illinois Democratic leader Jake Arvey. She was trying to get child support payments from the Erwin Arvey, saying that he was the father of her son.

Photograph by the Mirror

An enterprising Mirror photographer took this picture through a window, showing two crime scene investigators at Lila Leeds' home, Jan. 8, 1949.

Los Angeles Times file photo

Deputy Marjorie Kellog, left, escorts Lila Leeds and Robert Mitchum to jail after their sentencing to 90 days for marijuana, Feb. 9, 1949.

Photograph by Delmar Watson / The Mirror

Lila Leeds in a gag photo from the Los Angeles Press Club, Aug. 29, 1949. Front row, from left, Mirror reporter Roger Beck, Leeds and Mirror photographer Bob Martin. Back row, Mirror reporter Bob Buhr and Mirror photographer Loren Smith.

Los Angeles Times file photo

Lila Leeds appears with her two unidentified attorneys after being charged in Chicago with soliciting, Jan. 25, 1956. She denied the charges, was convicted and fined $10.

By 1974, Leeds had become a minister with a Hollywood group called Spiritual Mission, Inc., Laymen's Evangelist or SMILE, which operated a church on Western Avenue. In 1976, she was making personal appearances to promote one of Richard Lamparski's "Whatever Became of..." books. According to imdb, she died in 1999. Apparently, neither The Times nor any other major newspaper published an obituary on her.