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Japan, Russia stop border war, Angels win 5-2, August 11, 1938

August 11, 2008 |  7:35 am

Nazi Germany offers Japan moral support

This cartoon refers to Nazi Germany's decision to offer Japan nothing but moral support in its war with Russia. Many more Axis caricatures are ahead.
Recall election may be illegal, court battle likely

Attorney Frank P. Doherty says the recall election seeking to remove Mayor Frank Shaw may be illegal because of problems with the petitions that were filed ... "Los Angeles is getting a bad name in the West by reason of the frequency and ease with which recall elections are obtained against public officials," Doherty says, quoting unidentified business leaders.

Below left, The Times writes a second editorial against the recall ... And in sports, the Los Angeles Angels beat the Hollywood Stars in the second game of the "Civil War" series.
Recall election is unwise, Los Angeles Times says Angels win over Hollywood Stars