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Author: Alexander Solzhenitsyn

August 3, 2008 |  5:13 pm

Articles by Soviet author Alexander Solzhenitsyn from the Los Angeles Times. 

July 13, 1975, excerpts from a speech by Alexander Solzhenitsyn:

"My friends, I'm not going to tell you sweet words. The situation in the world is not just dangerous, it isn't just threatening, it is catastrophic."



May 24, 1976, Alexander Solzhenitsyn says KGB agents tried to discredit him by forging a letter that allegedly showed he was an informer.


"The aim of life for each of us is not to take boundless pleasure in material goods, but to take our departure from the world as better persons than we we arrived at it, better than our inherited instincts would have made us; that is, to travel over the span of life on one path or another of spiritual improvement."   

-- Alexander Solzhenitsyn, June 13, 1976