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July 7, 1938

July 7, 2008 |  8:02 am

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Above, 6th and Hill streets via Google maps' street view feature.  "Prison Farm" ... now there's a title that leaves nothing to the imagination. According to imdb, Horace McCoy was an uncredited writer on the picture. Not on Netflix!
Dropcap_r_380707_2 olling Fork, Miss., reports the most unusual story of African Americans joining a lynch mob. The violence inflicted on the victim was especially gruesome. Local Sheriff M.C. Ewing denied knowing anything whatsoever about the matter.

John N. Crane, 43, an oil well driller, kills his wife, Edith, and tries to commit suicide after leaving the offices of an attorney where they discussed a divorce ... And an American company announces a deal to buy oil from Mexico, which nationalized U.S. and British oil production March 18, 1938.

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