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July 15, 1908

July 15, 2008 |  7:03 am




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Dropcap_h_lincoln ere's an update on the story of Joseph H.N. Longy, who was arrested on charges of sending threatening letters to local businessmen. The Times gives an elaborate description of his "oil gun" and a primitive hand grenade that was found in his room.

At left, Frank Leroyxez is badly injured during a Bastille Day celebration when his parachute becomes snarled after he jumps from a gas balloon at Chutes Park. Leroyxez landed on a building at 16th Street and Main (at left, the intersection), and was rescued by firefighters. 

In November, Leroyxez will be part of a balloon race with hopes of setting a distance record.

Also ... Chinatown gamblers target police officers for blockading their businesses ... Painters are trapped in a stockade being built to house the homeless ... Wilmington deals a setback to plans for laying streetcar tracks ... And the South Main Street and South Side improvement associations oppose bonds for improved roads.

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