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July 26, 2008 |  7:33 am


July 26, 1948

By Keith Thursby
Times staff writer

Dropcap_q_quaint uiz time: What does this headline mean?

It's pretty clear we're talking about baseball, but who are the Twinks and the Suds?

The Twinks were a familiar headline name in The Times for the Hollywood Stars. I never understood the need for the nickname's nickname. You really need another way to say Stars?

The Suds referred to the Seattle Rainiers, named after a local brewery.
The story was a run of the mill wire report on the doubleheader but there's one line that really stopped me. The Seattle pitcher is referred to as a "wrong hander."

As a lifelong left-hander, I've been called a southpaw, a port sider and even a goofy footer, but a wrong hander?

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the pitcher was right-handed.