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May 30,1958

May 30, 2008 |  7:26 am

At left, a quote from a 12-part series running in The Times. Howard Whitman is identified as a "noted writer and commentator." After filing stories from wartime London in 1944 and the D-day invasion, Whitman returned to such fare as "Smoldering Youth" (1946), "Sex Education Grows Up" (1948) and "What Makes Good Girls Bad?" (1949).

"Modern science for the most part views homosexuality as a personality disease, comparable to alcoholism or drug addiction"

-- Howard Whitman," from "Crisis in Morals"

After "Crisis in Morals," Whitman wrote "Our Drinking Habits" (1958), "Frontiers in Living" (1960) and "The U.S. Way of Love" (1964).

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