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May 1, 1938

May 1, 2008 |  8:23 am


Above, Arnold Schoenberg's orchestration of Brahms' quartet for piano and strings receives its U.S. premiere. I once listened to a recording of a talk by Schoenberg and was surprised to hear him pronounce his name "Shane-berg" as in "Bei Mir Bist du Schoen." Below, Nazi teachers (the National Socialist Teachers Assn.) burn books, starting with "Three Times Austria" (Dreimal Oesterreich) by Kurt von Schuschnigg. This bonfire of 2,000 books was largely ceremonial, The Times said. The Nazis planned an even bigger fire for 30,000 volumes collected from libraries and universities to purge "objectionable literature" forced on the people. 

Quote of the Day: " 'Books by Emil Ludwig, Stefan Zweig, Vicki Baum' and  'clerical monarchist literature' must disappear from German homes." 



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