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Mob killings

April 24, 2008 |  7:02 pm

April 29, 1959

I stumbled across this page yesterday while looking for details on the Les Bruneman killing at the Roost cafe. Unfortunately, the front page didn't get microfilmed, so all we have is the jump. Still, it's a nice, tidy list of all the mob killings in Los Angeles dating back to 1906, at least according to the Los Angeles Police Department.


NOTE: You may notice a March 4, 1934, killing at 3049 S. Norton Ave. and try to infer a connection to the 1947 Black Dahlia case (Elizabeth Short's body was found on South North Avenue between 39th Street and Coliseum). The locations are a mile apart. The victim in the 1934 case, cafe owner Ralph Monterastelli, was in his garage when he was fatally wounded during a robbery.  How an unsolved robbery and murder became a mob case is a question I can't answer. I suspect, unfortunately, it's because the victim was Italian American.