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April 12, 1908

April 12, 2008 |  8:06 am


Who do you suppose is lounging in this hammock? Certainly not the poor lady doing the housework, below. This article isn't terribly legible, but the housekeeping tips are worth the eyestrain. I'm not sure I'll be hanging my Kasmhiri Kashans and Taba Tabrizes over a pan of burning sulfur anytime soon, but it's nice to know that I could. And yes, the writer, Marion Harland, quotes her "colored mammy" in dialect.

Quote of the Day: "The fight with dust, like that we wage with inbred sin,  must be incessant and it will last until we lie down to be resolved for all time into what we hate and would destroy while we live." --Marion Harland



And here, by the way, is the article she mentions, John Tyndall's "Dust and Disease," published in 1871.

Tyndall_dust01 Tyndall_dust02


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