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Matt Weinstock

March 27, 2008 |  6:39 pm

March 27, 1958

Matt_weinstockd A man driving east on Melrose Avenue about three weeks ago around 6 p.m. turned left into an alley near Western Avenue.

He was stopped by a gendarme and given a citation for violating Sec. 544 A of the vehicle code--illegal turn. The motorist didn't agree with the officer and said so.

The other day when he appeared in traffic court he was prepared to pay the fine and forget it. He can't afford the time that pleading innocent would entail.

BUT INSTEAD of the usual routine he was informed a formal complaint had been filed with the city attorney's office charging him with the offense and giving a more detailed account of his alleged derelictions.

It stated (take a deep breath) he "willfully and unlawfully turned such vehicle from a direct course and moved right and left upon the roadway when such movement could not be made with reasonable safety and without giving an appropriate signal of his intention to turn such vehicle continuously during the last 100 feet traveled by such vehicle before turning, when there were other vehicles which might have been affected by such turning movement."

Our man took a look at the amended charge and became a tiger. It happens he is employed by the Motor Vehicle Department and knows something about the rules. He whipped out his big, fat Motor Vehicle Code and pointed out to the judge that it is a violation of Sec. 739.2 for a police officer to alter or add to the charge as written at the scene of the alleged violation. The judge agreed and set a date for the case. Incidentally, the motorist spent from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in traffic court getting his point across.

And so, in this corner, Irate Citizen. In this corner, Majesty of the Law.
Santa Monica -- A man and his wife recently decided to sell their home. They listed it with a real estate firm, meanwhile sought another.

A house-for-sale ad in last Sunday's paper caught their eye. It was just what they wanted. Moreover, the same real estate firm that was acting as their agent was handling it. You know the rest. A salesman drove them to their own home.

Mighty potent adjectives the boys use.

SHORT SHORT STORY -- At 7 a.m. the other day a man was changing a flat tire in the right lane on the Hollywood Freeway outbound near Santa Monica Boulevard. It would have been safer for him to have moved his car off the freeway, onto the siding, But obviously he was too disgusted to give a darn. He was wearing shoes, socks--and a knee-length maroon bathrobe.

ONLY IN HOLLYWOOD -- A girl filling out an employment application in a theatrical agency Monday looked up and asked another girl, also filling out a blank, "What date is it today?"

"It has to be the 24th," was the reply, "because Wednesday is Oscar day and that comes on the 26th, remember?"

AROUND TOWN -- Remember the recent panel showing Carmichael, ax on shoulder, saying fiercely, "I didn't get any coffee but at least I got my dime back"? Well, they're posted on every coffee machine at Hughes Aircraft ... A postcard from Paul Drus contains 228 legible, pencil-printed words. Anyone want to try for 456? Or is everybody busy engraving the U.N. Charter on the head of a pin? ... Youngsters can be embarrassing. Robin Gee, 4, of Palmdale insists she "flushes" the toaster ... Don Quinn's definition of a greedy agent: A hog that lives high on the ham ... A trash box on Beverly Boulevard near June Street had the Christmas wrappings of at least a dozen liquor bottles strewn on top. What a party that must have been Imagine people still Yule-tiding.