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March 29, 1938

March 29, 2008 |  8:35 am


Above, U.S. military forces in Hawaii stage war games to prepare for a possible invasion. Apparently the defenders detected their mock enemy long before an invasion could be staged. Below, several prominent Angelenos sharply question German Consul Georg Gyssling during a Town Hall appearance at the Biltmore. When Gyssling rebuffs the first question, attorney Joseph Scott threatens to resign from Town Hall if "the other side" is not heard, The Times says. Town Hall officials promise another gathering in which "the other side" could air its views ... The Times interviews an 11-year-old girl who was struck on the head with a rock and sexually attacked--and we publish her picture. It is one thing to know newspapers once published these kinds of stories and quite another to actually see one.



Quote of the Day: "The consul also said, in answer to a question, that the Jews in Austria would not be deprived of property rights any more than German Jews had been. This brought laughter from the audience but the consul doggedly kept on talking." --The Times, reporting on a Town Hall appearance by Georg (George) Gyssling, shown above in Los Angeles in 1934


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