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Raymond bombing

January 21, 2008 |  5:39 am

Jan. 21, 1938
Los Angeles

The state attorney general's office steps into the bombing investigation and everyone in our cast of characters gets ready for the drama. (I love the front page photo of Police Capt. Earle Kynette). On the jump, a photo page gives a better idea of the relationship between Harry Raymond's house on Orme and the police surveillance post on 7th Street. Looks like the Daily Mirror will be making another field trip. I don't want to give too much of the story away, but keep your eye on Joe Shaw. In fact, watch everybody. (Also on the jump, two police officers are convicted of rolling drunks--the LAPD was incredibly corrupt during the Shaw era).

Also note (and I don't have time to do more than mention it) the Paul Wright murder case, which was one of Aggie Underwood's favorites, mostly because the newspapers had to sanitize what the victims were doing when they were killed. To vastly simplify a complicated case, Wright went to bed, leaving his wife and his best friend in the living room. Only he really didn't go to bed (I don't know how he could sleep, no matter how tanked he was, since she was supposedly playing the piano); as I recall from the files, he stayed up and spied on them using a full-length mirror on the bedroom door. He caught them in the act and shot them both with a Luger.

And yes, all of them had been "drinking heavily."