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Jan. 30, 1908

January 30, 2008 |  8:17 am

Tumult in the city of Vernon ... Chinatown gets ready to celebrate Chinese New Year ... A question of insanity in a murder trial ... The Jonathan Club, California Club and nearly 100 social organizations must get licenses or stop selling liquor ... Prisoners are being used to build the Broadway tunnel ... And $18,000 is left over from the money collected in Los Angeles for victims of the San Francisco earthquake and fire.



Note: After reading some of the responses to my survey, I'm going to try something a bit different. To view this page, click on the download link right here:  Download 1908_0130_cover.jpg

Why 1908? After all, the turn of the century seems quite remote. I run these pages because this is when the city began to take shape. People living in Los Angeles today are left with decisions that were made a century ago, in terms of neighborhoods, streets, etc. Many of us live or work in areas that were laid out for horses and streetcars. One of my favorite activities is to find a "house of the week" from the early 20th century and visit the neighborhood. I've learned that there are 100-year-old houses all over Los Angeles. The Times also devoted a fair amount of coverage to various ethnic communities (note today's Chinese New Year story). These reports are a gold mine for anyone researching the early history of Asians, Latinos, African Americans, Jews, etc., in Los Angeles.

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