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Julian Eltinge

December 31, 2007 | 11:39 am

I had never heard of Julian Eltinge until I came across some material for sale on EBay. I dug out his photo file and over the weekend found his former home in Silver Lake.


Los Angeles Times file photo


Here's Eltinge in his prime in an undated picture. He performed frequently in Los Angeles and appeared at the Mason Opera House in a play titled "The Fascinating Widow," which received rave reviews. In fact, the critic compared it favorably to the annual New Year's show at the Jonathan Club.


Los Angeles Times file photo

Julian Eltinge in "The Fascinating Widow," 1913.



He was also a boxing fan.


And he built this house in Silver Lake.

Photograph by Larry Harnisch / Los Angeles Times

Here's the former home of Julian Eltinge, 2328 Baxter St. Warning! Baxter is one of those extremely steep streets around Silver Lake.  Because of the mature trees,  it is quite difficult  to see the home from the street. But it is still there. Note: In his later years, he lived in North Hollywood. He died in New York in 1941, somewhere in his mid-50s. The Times noted that he was a "lifelong bachelor," a vintage code phrase for "gay."   

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Ps. The Times clips are full of interesting accounts about Eltinge. I'll try to post a few as I get time. So many stories, only one Larry Harnisch.