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Jay Leno's badge

December 18, 2007 |  8:15 am

Photograph by Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

I let it pass when we first ran this photo a few weeks ago, but I couldn't help noticing something unusual about Al Seib's picture of Jay Leno delivering doughnuts to striking writers walking the picket line. But here it is again today.

Why, Leno is wearing a badge. It looks awfully authentic, too. I managed to get a detail shot from my colleague Robert St. John on the photo desk:


Notice that the badge says: "Special Agent" and "Division of Criminal Investigation."

A little online sleuthing finds that it is apparently a badge from the state of Wyoming. A real one.



Hm. I somehow suspect it's unwise for a civilian to tool around Los Angeles wearing an actual law enforcement badge even if he is Jay Leno (did I mention he has a great car collection?).

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