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--30-- revisited

December 14, 2007 | 11:50 pm


Los Angeles Times file photo

Jack Webb, William Conrad and James Bell in a scene from "--30--".

Howard Decker, formerly of the Examiner, writes:

Regarding Jack Webb's film --30-- you are right. Webb made a copy of the Examiner city room at the film studio. I worked in this city room for years and knew it well.

There were two small mistakes in the film version. In the real Ex city room there was a spike where people put wire copy for the managing editor. In the studio set, the spike looks different than the one in real life. I forget the other mistake.

Otherwise, it is an amazing copy of the real thing. In the film David Nelson (Ricky Nelson's older brother) plays a copy boy. That could have been me (I was kind of a goof off at the time) although I admit Nelson has me in the good looks department. Such is life.