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Main Street Gym

November 11, 2007 | 11:41 am

Richard Hultman writes:

You didn't mention a certain landmark location on your Main Street blogs.
Don't know if the L.A. Conservancy tour mentioned it, but about a block
further up Main Street at 318 1/2 S. Main was the Main Street Gym.

I checked the address on Windows Live Local and saw a big parking lot across
from what I guess is the Ronald Reagan Office Building so it must be
gone. Nothing there for even a Conservancy tour.



The Main Street Gym was the mecca of boxing in Los Angeles.  The place all
the greats went to train or workout when they were in Los Angeles.  Joe
Louis (above, 1963), Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, and a host of lesser lights all trained
there when they had fights in Los Angeles or were in L.A. for other reasons.
The Rocky movies had location scenes shot there.

Cecelia Rasmussen wrote a column in The Times about one of its owners, Howie
Steindler, that was later reprinted in her book "LA Unconventional".  The man
was murdered in 1977 in a case that was never solved.

Main Street must have been a lively place at one time with all the burlesque
theatres, and the trolleys and interurbans going up and down the street.
And the Main Street Gym between 3rd and 4th.

--Thanks for sharing!