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'-30-' revisited

November 8, 2007 |  9:46 am

Speaking of "-30-," (see previous post) here's a still of Jack Webb and William Conrad that I dug out of the archives.



I'm especially fond of this picture. For many years, there was a huge enlargement of it by the Metro news desk.



For comparison, here's an undated photo of the Herald Examiner staff I borrowed from somebody's desk at The Times.  Newspaper lore held that "-30-" was filmed in the Examiner Building. Like many wonderful myths, it wasn't true. Research revealed that Webb built a duplicate of the newsroom on a sound stage.

Front row, from left: Paige Owens, Mary Braswell, Joe Eckdahl, Darce Infante,  Dave Barton, unknown.
Back row, from left: 1-3 unknown, Les Dunseith, unknown, Jeanne  Pedersen, Mike Castelvecchi, Cees Kendall,  Warren Wolfswinkel, Tim Lynch  and Arnold Paradise.

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