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Rock Hudson's wedding album

October 21, 2007 | 12:40 pm

I went down to The Times' archives and pulled Rock Hudson's wedding pictures because I'm the kind of person who would want to see Rock Hudson's wedding pictures. Please note: All captions are from original information provided when the photos were taken.



Times file photo, Nov. 9, 1955
Film actor Rock Hudson, 29, and Phyllis Gates, 25, former executive assistant to actor's business manager, cut wedding cake after their surprise marriage Wednesday night in Santa Barbara.

For more pictures, click below:


Times file photo
Rock Hudson and his wife, Phyllis, visit Lauren Bacall on the set of "Written on the Wind," in December 1955.



Times file photo
Rock Hudson and his wife, Phyllis, with some of the 25 Korean war orphans brought to the United States for "Battle Hymn," in April 1956. (I wonder what became of these children after the film was done--lrh).*


Photograph by Jack Gaunt / Los Angeles Times
Phyllis Hudson, director George Stevens, center, and Rock Hudson at the premiere of "Giant." The photo is dated Oct. 17, 1956.


Times file photo
Rock Hudson and his wife, the former Phyllis Gates, relax in their Hollywood home with their pet poodle. Phyllis was a secretary to Hudson's agent before their marriage last year. Friends report Rock phones her every hour when he's away from her. Movie people say Hudson is Hollywood's fastest rising star--in the tradition of Cooper, Wayne and Gable. He has moved from mediocre parts to starring roles like that of Bick Benedict in "Giant" in just a few years.


*The Times reported that Col Dean Hess "the Flying Parson," brought 30 orphans from Seoul for "Battle Hymn." They were housed in a "Little Korea" set up in Glendale while the movie was filmed in the Valley. They may have been taken to Disneyland. (Humor columnist Gene Sherman indicated that the youngsters were fascinated by Western restroom facilities). The children entertained at a March 25, 1956, party celebrating the 81st birthday of Syngman Rhee. Many Korean children were being brought to the U.S. at this time for adoption so it's reasonable to assume that they were adopted, but that is only speculation.