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Mystery photo

September 24, 2007 | 10:07 pm

Everybody had so much fun guessing about my last mystery photo (slain mobster Tony Brancato) that I dug through The Times archives and found something else intriguing.

OK, what are these men doing? And why?


Photograph by Edward Gamer Los Angeles Times

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We have a winner:

It looks like they are getting ready to ceremonially bury an incinerator. Perhaps this is around the time private burning of garbage was outlawed.

Greg Clancey

These gentlemen are from the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce and are about to bury the last backyard incinerator in Los Angeles, which became illegal  Oct. 1, 1957.

From left, S. Price Scott Jr., A. Edsel Curry, Karl R. Davis Jr. Victor Etienne, Roy Irvin, Delbert Gambill, Lynn H. Montjoy (blush) Mongjoy Jr. and John Glass.

Bonus fact: I was doing blog research in The Times library over the Labor Day weekend and Rumble Seat columnist Dan Neil came by trying to find out how many Americans were named "Edsel." You can add A. Edsel Curry to the list.