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Confidential--Tells the Facts and Names the Names

September 5, 2007 |  8:01 am

Scenes from the Confidential trial:

Sept. 4, 1957, Dorothy Dandridge testifies

Photograph by Dan McCormack, Los Angeles Times

July 15, 1957, Maureen O'Hara and Liberace wait to testify before the grand jury about Confidential magazine.

Photograph by Howard W. Maxwell, Los Angeles Times

Aug. 13, 1957, Hollywood madam Ronnie Quillan arrives to testify about providing information to the scandal magazines.


Photograph by Delmar Watson, Los Angeles Times

Maureen O'Hara arrives to testify in the Confidential trial, accompanied, from left, by Deputy Dist. Atty. William Ritzi, Guy Ward (O'Hara's personal attorney), and O'Hara's brothers James FitzSimons and Charles FitzSimons. The back of the photo is dated Sept. 10, but O'Hara testified Sept. 4. This photo was never published until now.

Photograph by Dan McCormack, Los Angeles Times

Sept. 4, 1957, Maureen O'Hara is sworn in before testifying.

Photograph by Dan McCormack, Los Angeles Times

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