Why the discrimination of those who dont wish to join the herd over on FB? There are those of us with privacy concerns and/or indifference to the social media thing crap who have something to say now the LAT is just cutting us off. Goodby, LAT.
Awful idea. Why must EVERYONE in the world have a FB account?
Im not a Facebooker, so I guess this new system leaves out the unbelievers.
I thought it was too self-reverential to make a film about kids/nerds obsessed with filmmaking. What I loved about Stand By Me was the characters ordinariness or even mundane invisibility as forgettable kids from a small town. Kids who felt the suffocating alienation of their lives. Of course there were no freak aliens. I think JJ Abrams best film is Star Trek (I say this as a die-hard Star Wars fan). His Star Trek is just fantastic all around, thanks in no small part to a joltingly awesome bad guy played by Eric Bana, and some other great actors. The plot was well-written as well. Cloverfield, for me, is the one of the worse films Ive ever seen. That sub-plot B romance with the characters is like nails on a chalkboard, and then the utter uselessness of being dragged around with screaming third-rate actors for the duration of the movie who inevitably die makes you want to turn off the damn thing off.
Right down to the alien spaceship flying off at the end!
This is an unfair comparison. Lebron James acted with such a sense of entitlement that he bred the hostility he engendered. What happened in the Finals was poetic justice we could all enjoy along the lines of pride goeth before destruction. Green Lantern is more of an underdog. A minor character in the DC universe with a lead actor who has yet to be proven as a box office draw. Yes Warners and DC desperately want a franchise and spent some dough marketing it, but it shouldnt be getting ripped apart like King James and the Heat.
Patrick - thanks for posting an essay about film without mentioning politics.
I agree with the article but why is it that film reviewers seem to go blank when it comes to detail. The intelligence operatives were Air Force, NOT Army, and this was emphasized again and again as part of the plot, a local Air Force base, Air Force everything, trucks, the train was an Air Force train, a Minuteman train no less, later recapitulated in the model train that the boy lead, Joe, was to blow up for their film. It was an Air Force train model, which is how he could identify the real train.etc. This level of analysis it brought out in the scene between Joe and Alice describing his method of painting his models. It was important to the plot. Is the distinction so hard to grasp? The movie always felt like it was at a distance and re-cycled almost every film one could think, including Goonies. There was no awe, wonder, joy at the revelation of something really unknown as in Close Encounters or any number of films. The red trucks with the white ball markings are like the commercially branded tractor-trailers of the mobile alien investigation teams in ET. There is so much re-cycled stuff with innovative, inspiring motivation that it gets tiresome very, very, quickly. Plot devices are dead in the water the moment they are introduced, the boy with the fireworks obsession for example. or the overturned camera, still rolling as the train wreck happens [Antonionis Blow Up]. I thought it was a waste of time and money, but a 10 year old with no cinematic reference points would probably find it entertaining. It is some dumb entertainment in a multiplex on a summers evening along with Zookeeper.
I agree with EC... Speaking of Iron Man I, its writers Arthur Marcum, Matt Holloway, Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, John August, and (director) Jon Favreau should regroup to give us another thoroughly palatable script. Iron Man I set the mark with a fun and intelligent movie that could be enjoyed by both young and middle-aged alike.
Super 8 was a big disappointment. It is too scary for kids under ten, and the story is too lame for those over ten. It had geat promise ... the young film-makers accidentally catching something freaky with their movie camera...but thats where the film-making part of the story ends. The Evil Air Force versus the Kindly Alien who just wants to go home is so tired. The best part of the movie was Elle Fanning acting in the kids zombie movie. Unfortunately, she was under-used. If you like spectacular special effects crashes on big screen - this is for you. If you actually want a good story with your special effects, go watch Robert Downey Jr in the first Iron Man.