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Who were the media heroes of 2010? Nominations open

December 22, 2010 |  5:27 pm

JoaoSilvaLandmine Big Picture casts its gaze back over 2010 and wonders who should make a list of the media heroes of the year gone by.

There seem to be a few obvious nominees, like Joao Silva, the photographer who lost both legs in a land mine explosion in Afghanistan.

The injury served as a terrible reminder of the heroism of Silva and other photographers, who have been quietly laboring to make sure the world doesn't forget suffering and human resilience in war zones, and beyond.

The oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and the Haitian earthquake produced phenomenal and dogged coverage. Who in the media showed their stuff as master of those disasters? And on what smaller, more routine stories did a reporter make his or her mark?

The media heroes of 2010 also might include the people who expanded technology or opened a new watering hole for our insatiable curiosity.

Make your recommendations over the next 24 hours and we'll highlight 2010's media heroes at the Big Picture and in my On the Media column on Saturday, Christmas Day.

--James Rainey

Photo: Britain's Princess Diana talked to amputees in this 1997 photo on the outskirts of Luanda, Angola. The photo of the princess and the landmine victims was taken by Joao Silva, who himself was severely injured by a landmine in October. Silva now works for the New York Times. Credit: Joao Silva / Associated Press